Every month, it is quite common for each and every woman across the world to deal with the most uncomfortable effects of menstruation.

So, you should be pretty conscious regarding all those certain unexpected or major changes in your body during your regular menstruation cycle.

Toxic shock syndrome is one of the most dangerous yet rare kinds of bacterial infection, which can potentially affect your skin and also the other organs of your body.

Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is quite rare but potentially dangerous bacterial infection which is mainly caused by toxins released by certain bacteria. This toxic shock syndrome is usually associated with the use of super absorbent tampons during your normal menstruation periods. These toxins which are quite potential to cause infection, typically circulates in your blood stream and affects your skin and other organs of your body.toxic shock syndrome

A person with toxic shock syndrome usually develops sudden fever, low blood pressure and also rashes on their skin which can resemble like sunburn. Vomiting or diarrhea, muscle aches, seizures, redness of eyes, throat or mouth and also confusion while making decisions are certain manifestations which are generally associated with this life threatening bacterial infection.

Staphylococcus bacteria are considered as the main offender!

Toxic shock syndrome is actually initiated from a localized staphylococcal infection which is quite capable to produce the contributory exotoxins to cause infection. About 15-40% of healthy humans are carriers of staphylococcus aureus on their skin. This instinctive presence of bacteria on your skin usually doesn’t show any signs of infection or disease.

However those individuals who don’t have ability to develop antibodies against these bacteria usually tend to develop toxic shock syndrome.

In addition to this, toxic shock syndrome can also affect you as a complication of other localized or regular infections such as sinusitis, pneumonia (pneumonia symptoms), osteomyelitis and also certain skin wounds. Under these conditions, you are considered to be at increased susceptibility to develop toxic shock syndrome.

Stay away from potentially life threatening toxic shock syndrome!

Toxic shock syndrome is considered as potentially critical form of infection, which is mainly associated with liver and kidney failure and at times it can even lead you to death. Most of the researches have assertively estimated that almost 3% of all women with TSS are actually experiencing death.

So, in order to avoid these undesirable circumstances, it is very essential for you to follow these certain preventive measures. By following these preventive measures while using tampons, the risks or complications associated with TSS can be considerably reduced.

  • Always try to avoid the use of super absorbent tampons during your regular menstrual cycle. In stead of which, you can use sanitary napkins or mini-pads during your regular menstrual periods.
  • Try to change the tampon for every 4-6 hours and also remember, never leave a tampon inserted overnight. Always try to prefer 100% cotton tampons instead of using those made with synthetic resources.
  • Whenever you notice any initial sign of infection or rash or fever, immediately remove the tampon. This can help you to prevent your symptoms of infection from aggravation. Try to seek an effective medical advice immediately to avoid further complications associated with the infection.