Commonly known as period or menses, menstruation is a regular process that a woman has to go through during her reproductive years where there is shedding of the endometrium which is the uterine lining. During menstruation there is bleeding from the vagina and for some it is accompanied with added symptoms like cramps, pain, dizziness, nausea and mood swings.

There are many religious and cultural beliefs around menstruation that affects the lives of thousands. This has again given birth to numerous misconceptions or so called myths. The lack of information and the secrecy around it make you believe all these myths. As a modern woman you need to fight against these old myths and know the actual facts related to it –

misconceptions about menstruation

10 Common Misconceptions Related to Menstruation

Myth 1: You will get your period every 28 days or else you are pregnant

Fact: Your period cycle may vary depending on your life style. You may have irregular periods because of stress, heavy exercise, illness, changes in your weight and diet and even travelling .It varies from person to person and pregnancy is not the only reason for the delay.

Myth 2: You should not have sex during your Cycle:

Fact: To you it may be a messy and unhygienic affair to have sex during periods but according to the medical science this time is best as it relieves you of cramps and reduces endometriosis and also has many health benefits.

Myth 3: You cannot conceive during your cycle:

Fact: Generally you don’t conceive during cycle but there can still be some chances no one can predict ovulation. Ovulation can occur even during periods.

Myth 4: You need to avoid washing your hair during menstruation:

Fact: Bathing has nothing to do with heavy flow during your cycle. You should maintain personal hygiene to keep away any infection and also to feel fresh during the periods.

Myth 5: You should avoid exercise and take rest:

Fact: Continue your regular exercise to remain fit and healthy .On contrary to the myth, exercise is good to alleviate cramps as it supplies more oxygen to the body.

Myth 6: Avoid certain foods:

Fact: Practically speaking there is no connection of food and your cycle. Spicy or sour foods do not aggravate your blood flow.

Myth 7: Duration of your period is one week:

Fact: The duration varies from person to person and even it changes with age .You may have flow for one week in your initial days but with age it may increase or decrease.

Myth 8: PMS is an imaginary thing:

Fact: Premenstrual Syndrome is something which you really experience and is not only in your mind. You may have physical problems as well as emotional like cramps, headaches, depression etc.

Myth 9: Menstruating women are impure and should not perform religious activities:

Fact: There is nothing to do with purity and religious activities during menstruation as you are going through a natural biological process so there should not be any restriction on regular chores like cooking, worshipping etc.

Myth 10: Menstrual blood and normal blood are different:

Fact: Both are same as far as medical science is concerned. It is not at all different just because it flows out of the vagina.

Forget these myths and live your life as menstruation is a course of everyday life that gives birth to new life and is nothing ominous or impure.