A quiet practice of sitting postures, supine supported postures and supported forward bends is best for the physical conditions of menstruation. This practice also creates a quiet and centered mind.

If you have normal periods, are not expecting discomfort and are attending a regular yoga class, you any do lateral standing poses like Muttahidatrikonasana, utthitaparsvakonasana, Virabhadrasana 2 and Ardhachandrasana with the support of the wall. Also,pars-Votta asana can be done with hands on the wall. At home, the standing postures are better dropped in favor of supported supine postures and supported forward bends. For menstrual difficulties, you need to consult your yoga trainer.

Yoga to your rescue during your periods

Top 7 yoga poses for menstrual pain and discomfort

The following yoga poses are intended for a home practice, all these yoga poses will help you to reduce the menstrual discomfort.

1.Fish Pose

This yoga asana is same as dhanurasana or bow pose. Fish pose is also called as matsyasana. Fish pose will help you to beat fatigue and menstrual pain. Dhanurasanagives you relief from pains, muscles aches, etc. all these are commonly associated with menstruation. With this wonderful stretches the muscles of your neck, back,l egs and chest.

  1. Bow Pose

Bow pose is also called as Dhanurasana. This pose can relieve respiratory, constipation and other issues. This pose removes all the menstruation related complaints. mensuration relation complaints include anxiety, fatigue, and backache. By practicing this stretches the entire front portion of your body stretches.

  1. Camel Pose

This pose relieves all menstruation discomfort. camel pose is also called as…. it reduces back ache and helps your entire body to relax.

  1. Nose Pose

Nose pose helps to stretch the back muscles, belly, and ankles.  It also helps to relieve your lower back pain, back pain is one of the common problem faced by many women during periods.

  1. Head to knee forward bend

Head to knee forward bend pose is called as janushirasana. This pose stretches the spine, shoulder, and hamstrings. It is even known to alleviate mild depression.It reduces menstrual issues like anxiety, fatigue, and headaches.

  1. Cobbler’s pose

This pose is called as baddhakonasana. During menstruation the lower body may be heavy, seating positions will help you. This pose will open the pelvic region; you can even bend forward for a more restorative version.

  1. Supported bridge pose

Lie on your back by pressing your feet and lift your hips slightly up, for support slide a yoga block under them.  Now, to come out, press into the feet to lift the hips again and slide the block out. This pose is very beneficial to relieve back pain which is acommon problem during menstruation.

Along with these all 7 yoga poses you should also concentrate on your eating habits by following a healthy diet. A combination of yoga, diet, and few menstruation tips will help you to overcome all your health problems.

Avoid yoga poses such as

  • Hand stand
  • Plow Pose
  • Scorpion pose
  • Crow Pose
  • Head stand