Bacterial vaginosis is something that every woman could contact in her life, but the good thing about it is that there is numerous kind of treatment for bacterial vaginosis.

Just wait

One of the best bacterial vaginosis treatments is watchful waiting. The symptoms that you have could go away on their own. Remember that the symptoms that you have are caused by the fact that the number of vaginal lactobacilli organisms that you have increases, while the other bacteria levels drop.


You could also use antibiotics as bacterial vaginosis treatment because it can stop the cause of vaginosis but in some cases it isn’t able the reverse the cause. In case of about one third of women the symptoms reoccur after the treatment with antibiotics.

Summer’s Eve medicated douche

This is a great product in case you are seeking treatment for bacterial vaginosis because it comes with potassium iodine that will lower the pH of the vagina.


You don’t have to be looking for something artificial; just take advantage of everything that nature has to offer, like the antioxidants found in vitamin A, D, C, E and B complex. All these have turned out to be effective regarding the bacterial vaginosis treatment.

Vitamin E cream

In order to help you relieve the itching, you could be using topical creams of vitamin E or even powdered capsules.

Hypoallergenic soaps

When you are looking for cleansing products, you should opt for those that don’t have perfumes or other chemicals that could be irritating, especially in case you are trying to treat bacterial vaginosis. Choose the hypoallergenic body washes and soaps.

Boric acid suppositories

You can find these in pharmacies and health food stores and they are often used as treatment for bacterial vaginosis. According to the researches that have been conducted the boric acids trap ammonia in the vagina. This is a natural component that the bacteria is using as energy. In case you have chronic bacterial vaginosis you will see improvements after a 14 day regimen.

Acidophilus powder or capsules

In case you would like to find a non-antibiotic treatment for bacterial vaginosis for your problem, then you could try treating vaginosis with acidophilus powder or capsules.

Alkaline water ionizer

There is an attachment for refrigerators and faucets that offers varying levels of alkaline water and all you have to do is to push a button. Some of these ionizers offer you the possibility to have 8 levels or more of varying pH and some people say that this could help to maintain the normal pH of the body. In case the pH is higher than 4.5, the bacteria causing bacterial vaginosis thrives.

Latex condoms

This isn’t a real bacterial vaginosis treatment but in case you are sexually active, you can avoid getting vaginosis if you use latex condoms.


These capsules come with healthy bacteria and all you have to do is to partially open it and to insert it into your vagina as treatment for bacterial vaginosis.