In many cases the celebrities have to deal with weight fluctuation because of the stress that they are dealing with or the extreme diets that they are using.

Nonetheless you should make sure to avoid yo-yo dieting at all costs.

Celebrity Yo Yo Dieters(photo credit:

Jennifer Lowe-Hewitt

Some people criticize the actress saying that she doesn’t care about the way she looks. Basically she has a slim figure and attractive curves, and so she is considered one of the sexiest actresses. This is why the public has been shocked when she said that she is completely happy with her new, more voluptuous figure.

She was upset with the paparazzi following her every movement and so she has decided to lose a few pounds, and it is true that at the next event she was looking stunning. She went for the calorie shifting diet. In this case the main point is to speed up the metabolism.

Jessica Simpson

Weight fluctuation happens when people are under stress, and Jessica Simpson is also among the yo-yo dieters since she was seen with new fine curves in Florida. According to her, men like the more curvaceous women.

Nonetheless she got to the spotlight of the media when she went from size 4 to size 12 and then back to size 6. She says that her love life helped her to accept her figure and now she is neglecting exercise and the diet plans.

Jennifer Hudson

In 2010 she had the ultimate makeover. She needed to lose some weight for her role in the film Winnie where she was playing the wife of Nelson Mandela. She had been working out on a regular basis and she was also really careful about her calorie intake. That was before she was size 16, but now she has become a size 6.

Oprah Winfrey

She is known as one of the celebrities whose weight fluctuated the most, and the most often. This kind of yo-yo is caused by her thyroid problem. According to her she has been leaning on this condition to eat whatever she wanted before. Some time ago she seemed to have gone past her problems and became a fit 160, but in 2008 she went back to 200 pounds again. In 2010 she said that she would never start dieting again.

As you can see, not all the celebrities have a balanced life, and some of them are totally fine with that.