– Stylish incontinence options for everyone!

Gone are the days of baggy, diaper-like incontinence products. Today, there are many stylish, fashionable incontinence products that will have you looking and feeling confident while staying dry and comfortable. Here are some of the top women incontinence products:

1. STRIDE Everyday Lacy Incontinence Thong

stride everyday lacy incontinence thongYes, you CAN wear a thong if you have incontinence! Feel smart, sexy, and totally in control with STRIDE’s Everyday Lacy Thong that protects while looking great.

It’s made with a patented technology that does away with panty-liners that are expensive and not very green.

Made with nylon and spandex, these panties will stay put and feel comfortable. Comes in four colors – nude, dusty rose, dusty blue, and black.

2. STRIDE Everyday Sport Incontinence Bikini Underwear

sport incontinence bikini underwear

Using the same patented technology, STRIDE has also designed this beautiful, comfortable sport bikini that allows you to be active without worrying about your stress incontinence.

You can choose from several solid or fun floral patterns and several sizes.

STRIDE is also working on a new design just for men to be released soon!

3. Shreddies Incontinence Underwear

shreddies incontinence underwear

You’d never guess this stylish women’s boxer-like brief is for incontinence, but it is! This washable incontinence underwear can be laundered up to 20 times, which will save you a ton of money, and is much more eco-friendly than disposable type of incontinence pads and panties.

And these won’t have people staring at you in the change room at the gym, either.

Shreddies has many other styles for both men and women to help protect you regardless of the level of absorbency you require.

4. Discreetwear Lacey Incontinence Panties

discreetwear lacey incontinence pantiesThis pretty, lacy incontinence option by Discreetwear will have you feeling young and sexy without losing confidence in your underwear. For light or moderate female incontinence, this sensual option is made from 100% nylon lace and comes in black, ivory, or white.

It is made with a super-absorbent “Absorb 2000” material that has been specifically designed to absorb 800 times its weight in liquid to keep you comfortable and dry.

It also has a built-in microfiber layer to deter odor. Discreetwear has several other styles for both men and women.

5. Wearever Floral Fancy Incontinence Panty

wearever floral fancy incontinence panty

Ensure’s Wearever incontinence products that fit your lifestyle has come up with this pretty floral styled panty that is great for everyday wear.

Designed with comfort in mind, this underwear is made with soft nylon and can be washed and dried up to 250 times like any other underwear.

It has no inserts or disposable pads. Instead, it is made with a sewn-in super absorbent Unique-Dri pad that helps to trap liquid and a waterproof outer layer.

Agion antimicrobial fibres complete the package with bacteria-fighting properties to prevent odour.

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