To a very large extent, women have managed to dislodge the “weaker sex” tag, but what is an unavoidable fact of life is that in certain matters of health, women are more at risk than men, and also have to be more careful of their health and lifestyle.

Womens HealthConsider the following:

Smoking and drinking is worse for women than it is for men

Research has shown that smoking is more likely to cause cancer in women than in men, since the female airways are smaller and since the smoke is metabolized differently. Also, women find it harder to quit.

Further women’s smoking is more likely to impact the health of future generations that she will give birth to. Women are also known to have lower tolerance for alcohol than men.

Dangers from sexually transmitted diseases

The perils of promiscuity are perhaps graver for women than they are for men. Not only is it the woman who runs the risk of unplanned pregnancies, she is also susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases such as the HPV infection, which is the underlying cause of cervical cancer, one of the biggest killers of women worldwide.

Heart disease is a silent killer of women

Heart disease kills more women than anything else and also may be more difficult to detect and get treated for, than men. For this and other reasons women are more likely to die from heart attacks then men.

Women tend to ignore their own diet and wellbeing

In the race to balance home and professional career, women and their own wellbeing is often their last priority. Also men tend to have certain biological advantages that offer them better protection against certain lifestyle related health issues.

Yo-yo dieting, and not prioritizing her own health and nutrition can mean negative consequences for women’s health, and these need to be guarded against.


  1. Which is why men live longer because men’s genes and biology are stronger and they pay less for life insurance. Plus, men are less prone to disease and physical injury.

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