That many women and men shy away from muscular women is true; it is undeniable that shredded ripped, bulging muscles are still largely considered ‘masculine’, but there are several reasons why Monica Brant and other fitness models such as Jennifer Nicole Lee, Annette Milbers, Carmen Garcia and many others can be an inspiration for women and women’s taking charge of their health and fitness.

These and other women are able to explode a lot of myths and make us aware of fitness options available for women: Monica Brant

1. Weight lifting is for men and not women: Doing moderate intensity weights and resistance exercise is an excellent work out for men and women. It increases core fitness, strength[strength training], flexibility and stamina.

Weights and resistance exercises help increase bone density and strengthen joints. They are an intense workout that burns calories and also ups the metabolism by building lean muscle.

Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you have ten pounds of fat you will look much bulkier than if you have that same amount of lean muscle. Also lean muscles burn calories even when the body is at rest, so that your entire metabolism gets a fillip.

Think of the most feminine looking Hollywood actress or other celebrity that you can name and you will find that they probably work out with weights. Weights are the best way to attain that toned, smooth look that one would aspire to.

2. Doing weights will make me look like Arnold Schwarzenegger: Not so. For women to bulk up takes a lot of time and effort and for most women to look like Schwarzenegger is actually impossible.

Even the way that the top fitness models look is a look extremely difficult to achieve and only women who may be considered ‘gifted’ are probably able to achieve that look. So if muscular is not what a woman wants to look, she will most likely not look that way.

The reason male fitness and weight lifters carry the kind of bulky muscle that they do is because of hormones. Many men even find it extremely difficult to bulk up and resort to supplements or synthetic hormones or steroids to give this artificial bulk.

So for lasting good health and fitness, women should consider doing moderate intensity weights about three times a week for optimum results of increased fitness and immunity, lower body fat, higher metabolism and increased energy levels.


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