Acne and pimples are rather clearly visible on the face and produce a natural desire to get rid of them. Blackheads are also more clearly visible and we look for ways and means to get rid of them. But what about whiteheads – the less visible small, flesh colored bumps that we may have on the face, groin and so on?

The difference between blackheads and white heads

Blackheads are known as open comedones, follicles that are blocked with dead skin, sebum and dirt. The dark color is due to the process of oxidization that is possible due to the wider opening.

WhiteheadsWhiteheads are called closed comedones. They are follicles plugged with the same material as blackheads but because oxidization has not taken place, their color remains white.

So whiteheads and blackheads are more or less the same, since they are both clogged follicles.

Why should you worry about getting rid of whiteheads?

Run your fingers over your face. If you have whiteheads, the skin will feel bumpy and rough. Also whiteheads are not good to look at. However the main problem is that whiteheads, like blackheads can lead to acne breakouts and pimples.

There are bacteria in the white head, along with the sebum and the dead skin cells which can cause inflammation and skin breakouts. Also they can get bigger and unseemly after a while.

So how can you prevent whiteheads and treat existing ones?

To prevent whiteheads form occurring, it is best to use a good facial cleanser and scrub regularly to get rid of build up in the pores. It is best to try and prevent the sort of buildup of dead skin, sebum and bacteria that gives rise to whiteheads in the first place. This can help prevent acne breakouts of some types as well.

If you already have blackheads, consider having them professionally removed by an aesthetician who will extract those using specific instruments. This may be done after steaming the face to try and loosen the clogs in the skin.

You can also use an acne cream such as benzoyl peroxide to try and get rid of those white bumps.

The adhesion strips that are used for removing blackheads are also useful for getting rid of whiteheads quite effectively.

So rather than ignore or overlook those innocuous looking white bumps on the skin, try and prevent whiteheads and if you do have them try and remove them so that you minimize damage to the skin.