A woman who has been told that she has an eroded cervix is likely to be quite alarmed at such a diagnosis, but the fact is that Cervical Erosion is quite a normal situation and one that is not cause for much alarm.

Causes of eroded cervix

It is a condition caused by normal hormonal changes or by use of contraceptive pills. It is a condition that is commonly seen in pregnancy.

Eroded CervixIt could be caused by trauma or due to sex, use of tampons or the insertion of a speculum. Some personal hygiene items such as vaginal douches, contraceptive foams and so forth may also cause erosion of the cervix.

However there could be certain infections such as bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and herpes that could also be responsible.

An eroded cervix is a condition that is thought to occur when the cells from the cervical canal start to grow around the neck of the cervix.

This gives the cervix an inflamed and rough or velvet like appearance. An eroded cervix is more prone to bleeding particularly during pregnancy when cervical erosion is quite common.

Symptoms of eroded cervix

Very often there may be no symptoms of an eroded cervix. When symptoms are seen they are in the form of mid cycle bleeding, or bleeding after sex. Vaginal discharge may also be present though the discharge may not have any smell unless there is the presence of some infection.

Treatment for eroded cervix

The main reason for woman to worry about a diagnosis of cervical erosion is if any infection; sexually transmitted or otherwise, is detected as the cause of the erosion. If an infection has caused the erosion then this will require treatment and appropriate medication such as antibiotics and so on.

If a woman is troubled by the symptoms of her cervical erosion, such as excessive discharge or frequent and problematic mid cycle bleeding, then she may require treatment for her eroded cervix. Otherwise, there is actually no treatment required for this condition.

In some cases, if the erosion is severe, cauterization may be needed to treat it. Or in cases, a vaginal estrogen cream may be prescribed to help thicken the outer area of the cervix.

While cervical erosion is a condition that may rarely be any cause for worry or treatment, it is one that should be checked out to rule out any infections or other conditions that may need treatment.