Belly button piercing or naval piercing is a kind of a piercing which is increasingly getting popular and common among women around the world. Having a small stud or ring hanging on the naval seems cool and fashionable but always poses a risk of getting infected.  Thus it is important to keep it very clean at all times. There are many ways to keep your belly button piercing clean to avoid infections and the following are some of the best ways:

best ways to keep your belly button piercing clean

Make Sure the Shop or Piercing Tools are Clean

The first way to ensure that your naval piercing will be absolutely clean is to make sure the shop you get it done from is clean, hygienic and safe. Also, you must check whether the tools used to do the piercing is sterile and clean. The person who will be doing the piercing should be wearing gloves and must follow proper cleanliness protocol. If anything that comes in touch with your belly is not very clean, then there could be a danger of getting an infection.

Rinsing the Area

Once you have got the piercing done, make sure you come back home and wash the area with an antibacterial soap.  Also, in the future, you must wash the piercing atleast twice a day with the antibacterial soap so as to maintain the hygiene and avoid any infections.  If there is any crust formed on the piercing, then make it a point to remove it using a cotton swab or ear bud. After that, gently clean it with water or soap.  When you have washed the piercing, make sure you rotate the jewellery you are wearing on it so that any dust etc. may be exposed and cleaned off.

Always Wash your Hands

Before touching the piercing or putting on a new stud etc., make sure your hands are properly washed with an anti-bacterial soap. Avoid touching the piercing too many times and unnecessarily. Never let anyone else touch your piercing, unless their hands are properly washed.

Dry it Properly

Another way to keep your naval piercing clean is by drying it properly after every wash. Use a paper towel or a napkin rather than using cloth or your regular bath towel.  Towels and cloths can contain germs which may cause infection. On the other hand, paper towels etc. are cleaner and fresher.

Avoid Rubbing Alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide

Rubbing hydrogen peroxide or alcohol can slow the healing process of the belly piercing and may even hurt. They tend to kill the healthy and new cells and may not be the best way to clean.

Avoid Applying Ointment

A lot of people apply ointments to heal the piercing but this must not be done because this prevents the oxygen from reaching the piercing and may thus not be a good idea.

Don’t go Swimming

Avoid going for swimming for atleast a few days after you get the piercing done as this can cause infections.

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