Women usually go through a lot of changes in their body during the lifetime and mensuration is one such thing that starts changing a girl’s life from puberty. During this time, they often go through a lot of pain, discomfort and mood swings; one more thing that is truly annoying while menstruation is the pungent and strong menstrual odor.

When the menstrual blood is combined with the sweat and the germs in the vagina, it produces this unpleasant odor. This is most of the times normal, but quite embarrassing when you are in public. The menstrual odor can be dealt effective by following a few simple tips that are mentioned below.

ways to deal with menstrual odor

1. Make sure to Wash yourself in a Fine Way

It is essential that you maintain good hygiene during this time and it is advised to wash the vaginal area frequently with warm water. Make sure to wash before you change your sanitary pad.

2. Keep Changing Pads Often

Due to the busy lifestyle these days, most of the times, the women tend to forget to change their pads. In fact sometimes they forget that they are going through their periods. You need to be alert during this time and make sure to change pads often so that you can get rid of the unpleasant smell easily. This is the best way, by which, you can get rid of the menstrual odor in an effective manner.

3. Change Panties Often

It is advised that you change the panties at least twice a day during this time. If there are any blood stains in the panties, then it will have a bad odor. Hence, make sure to change your panty as and when required.

4. Try using the Cloth Pads

During the times of summer, women tend to sweat a lot hence, during such times, it is advised to change to the cloth pads. However, the only concern is that it is required to change it often. Such pads are hygienic when compared to the synthetic pads.

5. Make use of the Tampons

Tampons are best known as super absorbent and for them to work effectively, they are required to be inserted deep inside vagina. This will not result in any bad smell. However, it requires to be changed often without fail.

6.Trim Pubic Hair

When the sweat and the blood gets stuck to the hair, it gets difficult to wash. This produces bad smell. Hence, it is essential that you trim your pubic hair during this time. When this is done, washing and cleaning becomes easy.

7. Wash hands

Once you have changed pads, it is essential to wash your hands with a good hand wash else the remians of the menstrual blood would stay on the fingers and this result in a bad smell. Hence, washing hands is essential.

During these days, be sure of maintaining good hygiene by doing the aforesaid actions. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Cleanliness during mensuration should be your top priority and it is required not only to evade this trouble of odor but also keep many infections at bay.

Photo Credit By: femside.com