hot teaJanuary is supposed to be Hot Tea Month, and here are some pointers and tips for this month long observance, since we all know how tea is good for health –

  • Read up about and get more information about the therapeutic abilities of tea. Tea is known to have several natural nutrients such as vitamin C, antioxidants and other constituents that are good for the body. It is also known to cure or prevent certain common ailments and detox the body.
  • Learn to brew tea the right way, even though you may have been doing it all your life. Find out what is the optimum time for steeping the given tea so that you may get the best health benefits out of it. The brewing time and temperature are important.  Also remember that tea is best had without milk and sugar in order that its nutrients are properly absorbed by the body.
  • Try some new and exotic teas such as oolong, white tea, green tea and so on, not just for their different and varied flavors but also for the many health benefits that can be derived from them
  • Consider the water that you use for the tea that you brew; in terms of fluoride content and so on; since it could impact flavor.
  • Remember to store tea properly to retain flavor and minimize spoilage.