Estrogen is referred to as a group of steroidal hormones which are produced by the ovaries of a female and play a crucial role in the reproductive cycle of women.  This hormone helps to develop and maintain the sexual characteristics of females such as menstruation and breasts.

It is common for a female to have high levels of estrogen in her reproductive life and during ovulation. But having excessive estrogen level can lead to several side effects. The following are some of the side effects of very high estrogen levels in females:

effects of excess estrogen in femalesWeight Gain

One of the most common side effects of having very high estrogen levels in females is weight gain. What happens is that high levels of estrogen tend to activate a woman’s appetite and this leads to consumption of more foods and liquids. This in turn leads to weight gain and sometimes obesity.

Thyroid Dysfunction

Another side effect of excessive levels of estrogen in females is dysfunction of the thyroid gland. High levels of estrogen in a female’s body can result in excessive production of globulin in the liver and this in turn binds more thyroid hormones available in the blood. Due to this, there is an overall decrease in the number of thyroid hormones available to the cells.

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention is yet another side effect that is caused due to the excessive levels of estrogen in females. Fluid retention a term used to refer the excessive amounts of accumulation or retention of salts as well as water in the human body. This accumulation generally occurs in body parts including chest cavity, breasts and abdomen.

Low Sex Drive

It is a fact that estrogen is linked to sex drive. One may think that high levels of estrogen production in females may lead to high sex drive but it is actually the other way round. High or excessive levels of this hormone can actually curd the desire to have sex or may weaken it. It can infact curb the ability of a woman to reach orgasm and makes the experience of sex less enjoyable or pleasurable.

Breast Cancer

Another side effect of having excessive levels of estrogen in females is breast cancer. High levels of estrogen production are associated with the risk of this type of cancer and are one of the most common causes of this disease.  The exact clear reasons are yet not known.

Mood Swings/Disturbances

Estrogen has a huge impact on how a woman feels and what emotions she experiences. Having high levels of estrogen can lead to mood swings and disturbances. Like in the case of PMS, the excessive estrogen levels in females can cause her to become depressed, agitated, angry and even suicidal in some rare cases. The exact reason behind this hasn’t been discovered yet but there is a connection between estrogen and the brain due to which these mood changes appear to take place in a lot of women.