More women visit a doctor to discuss vaginal discharge than any other reason.

For many a brown or pink discharge is very common around the time of a period.

The volume will differ greatly between women; there is no known reason for this. [Abnormal vaginal discharge]

The vagina secretes fluids, to cleanse and protect itself against disease and also to create lubrication. In particular, a woman during the reproductive stage of her life will generate about two and a half grams of discharge per day. This is often increased during pregnancy and at the time of ovulation.vaginal discharge

Naturally, most women insist on cleanliness, however douching with perfumed products if ill advised. There are certain soap free washing brands available that are more suitable for this area of the body. Often wearing cotton underwear as opposed to nylon can help keep any infections at bay.

If a women discovers a bloody discharge this could be cause for concern and medical advice should be sought. This could indicate a sexually transmitted disease or highlight other more serious conditions.

Also if the discharge has a strong odor and is accompanied by any itching or redness, this is usually a sign of infection.

Most conditions highlighted by a vaginal discharge can be treated very easily by a course of antibiotics, which your doctor will prescribe for you.

Certain lotions and creams are available over the counter at the pharmacist, which will revive itchiness and provide welcome relief. If unsure of your condition, it is always advisable to seek medical attention.