Also known as the infection of reproductive organs, pelvic inflammatory disease is one of the most complicated STD seen commonly now days. If not treated on time, it would not be wrong to say that PID can lead to serious problems like infertility and chronic pain. However if the problem is detected on time, you can easily start on practicing the natural remedies to treat it thereby avoiding the complexities associated with it.

When it comes to dealing with complex issues like infections, many people often prefer herbal treatment over the chemical ones. With the best herbal products in the market and an adequate amount of time, problems like pelvic inflammatory disease can be easily treated.

If an herbal remedy is chosen then it must be followed with an herbal therapy to detoxify the body. Herbal remedies for pelvic inflammatory disease is highly acclaimed because it not only treats the disease but also strengthens the weak reproductive system and the immunity system of the sufferer.

Below given are some of the ways to treat the problem naturally.

raspberry leaves herbal tea

Raspberry Leaves Herbal Tea

An herbal tea with a lot of red raspberry leaves can prove to be quite effective for a PID patient. This herbal tea formula consist of herbs such as leaves of raspberry, bark of barberry, bark of cascara sagrada along with ingredients such as ginger, lobelia herb and roots of Turkish rhubarb.

One tablespoon of this mixture must be boiled with a cup of water. The water must be drained through a sieve and at least three to four cups of such herbal tea should be taken in a day by the patient.

Goldenseal, Thistle, Cayenne Herbal Tea Mixture

Another herbal tea mixture that the patient can consider using is the mixture made by mixing roots of goldenseal, blessed thistle, cayenne, crampbark, root of false unicorn, ginger, leaves of raspberry, squaw wine and urva ursi herb. Again mix one tablespoon of this mixture to a cup of boiling water. Drink this herbal tea only two times in morning and evening for at least six days .


You can take around 500 mg of turmeric three times per day in order to reduce inflammation. Best effects can be obtained if you make a mixture with the herb bromelain.


This herb is also known to treat the disease and strengthens the immune system thereby fighting the infection.

Black cohosh

You can grind this herb into fine powder and use as a tonic for the reproductive tract (for females only).

False unicorn

Just like the above said herb, this herb also is used as a tonic for the improved health of reproductive tract. –

Cat’s claw, Reishi mushroom, Dong quai, Calendula, Red clover and Roman chamomile are also effective in treating the inflammation in PID naturally.

Diet and supplements to treat PID –

The immunity system must be strengthened in order to get rid of the problem. So it is advisable to take diet which includes high amount of vitamin C. When suffering from an infection, it is also advisable to take bioflavonoids which are a plant based compound that strengthens the immunity system in the body.

Supplements based on vitamin A, beta carotene and zinc can also be highly effective for a person suffering from any kind of infection in the body. These supplements repair the damaged membranes of the reproductive tract and boost the rate of healing.

Detoxification and purification of blood is also highly important for the patient for which red clover can be mixed with herbs like chaparral, poke root, bark of beach tree, root of Oregon grape and bark of prickly ash. This mixture should be taken in the form of herbal tea to see the best results.

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