Continuing our list of the lies we tell ourselves, here are some more:

  1. A gym is too expensive: So don’t go to one. There are number of shows on TV which will help you lose weight. Using a jump rope and doing squats and pushups at home is as effective as going to the gym. Besides many gyms cost $25 a month or less.
  2. I will start tomorrow: That fast starting tomorrow won’t help; won’t undo a lifetime of bad habits. Only significant lifestyle changes will make a woman exercise
  3. I am really healthy so why should I lose weight? You may be healthy now, but obesity increases your risk of developing a number of diseases now or later.
  4. I don’t have the time and money to cook healthy: Your health is something that you need to make time and money for. For, if you don’t have time for your health what do you have time for!
  5. It Hurts: Yes exercise will hurt to begin with if you’ve never done it. But the benefits so outweigh that temporary discomfort that this is really immaterial. Later you will thank yourself for making the effort.