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If you want to be in shape, it isn’t enough to be working out, you also need a diet that is good for your silhouette. There are so many different kinds that it might be difficult to choose one. Here are some top diets for women that you should consider.

1. Low Carb

Low Diets for Women in 2011

It was Dr. Robert Atkins that introduced one of the most well-known low carb diets of our days, the Atkins diet. Although it has been introduced about 20 years ago, it is still very popular. You have the possibility to lose weight, and still have all the meat, eggs and dairy products that you would like; you can also consume fats. Although it is undeniable that the diet has a lot of advantages, there are also some downsides that you have to think about before starting the diet. Make sure that you have enough information before starting it.

2. Volumetrics

Diets for Women

The main point of this kind of diet is to have a lot of foods that come with a high level of water. This is important so that you will feel that you are full in a short while and that you won’t feel hungry anymore. In case you are on this diet for sure you will have a lot of non-starchy vegetables and soup, and you will have to avoid eating foods like cookies and chips. This is not one of those diets that make you give up a certain group of food. This is why it is healthier.

3. Low Fat

Diets for Women in 2011 - Low Fat

The trick, in this case, is to have a lot of low-fat and fat-free foods. According to the studies that have been conducted in this matter, this is the diet that offers the best results when it comes to long-term weight loss. According to it, women should have a daily calorie intake of 1500 calories and men of 1800 calories. 30% of the calories should come from fat and 10% should come from saturated fat that there should be cholesterol of 300 mg. This is one of the diets that you should try in case you would like to have a nice silhouette.

4. Detox

Detox Diets for Women

You could be thinking short term or long term when it comes to detox. It could last for 48 hours or up to 2 weeks. The main point of these kinds of diets for women is to remove entire food groups from the diet to cleanse the body of the accumulated toxins. In a majority of the cases, these diets come with strict rules. Usually, people must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and they also have to increase their intake of water to improve the chances of getting the toxins out of their system. Although it may be useful, dietitians are against it.

5. Mayo Clinic

Diet Plan - Mayo Clininc

A team from Mayo Clinic has come up with a diet plan that seems to be more realistic than the others. Both dietitians and doctors agree that this might be the best diet out there. The diet consists of having a healthy breakfast on a daily basis such as cereals or eggs and then having at least 4 servings of fruits and vegetables during the day. When eating meat, you should make sure that they have as little fat as possible. Also make sure that you have in your diet whole grains and don’t have any alcohol or added sugar.

6. Weight Watchers 2011

Weight Watchers 2011

According to this diet plan every calorie counts and it is thought that the meetings and online support also help. We can say that the company handles everything that might be linked to diet in one way or the other, such as mobile applications and branded pastries.

In order to make keeping a diet simpler, there has been a new point system introduced. The company sees as its goal to make the process simpler so that people will be able to understand the science of diets. That has been the main point behind the introduction of the point system in dieting.

7. Mediterranean

Mediterian Diets for Women

The main point of this diet is to have vegetables diet and fruits along with olive oil and nuts, but have as little red meat as possible. According to this diet 35% of the calories should come from fat, especially from olive oil or nuts. The base of nutrition in case of the diet is made up by fruits, vegetables, beans, olive oil and also nuts. All of them come with monounsaturated fats. The book that comes with the recipes for this diet was a bestseller in 2006. All the foods that this diet is based on reduce the factors of risk of weight gain.

8. The Zone

Diets for Women in 2011

The interesting thing about this diet is that it makes the meals have a specific arrangement. According to this there should be 40% of carbohydrates, 30% of protein and 30% of fat. Although the rules are strict, you can be sure that this is a balanced diet. The developers of the diet say that the key to success in case of this diet is for the nutrients to come from specific sources. The only downside of the diet is that you have to be really careful about what you eat and you have to make a lot of calculations to make sure that you have the right ratio.

9. Slim Fast

Slim Fast Diet For Women

The thing that makes this diet different from all the others is that the people who are on it have to have shakes and bars rather than regular meals. Although such products have been introduced nationwide since the 1960s, the diet has become a nutritional and cultural phenomenon since 1977. It is said that the good thing about the diet is that you don’t have to worry about food, just have a shake in the morning and at lunch and have some light dinner. Now there are also powders and snack bars offered by the company to make the diet even more diversified.

10. LEARN Diet

Diets for Women

The main point of this diet is to be low in fat and to have some exercise that is meant to make people change the relationship that they have with food. Actually the name is an acronym that stands for lifestyle, exercise, attitude, relationships and nutrition. In this case about 55%-60% of the calories come from fat and not even 10% of them come from saturated fat. The supporters of the diet say that if the governments are applying special taxes in case of cigarettes and alcohol, they should do the same in case of the kind of foods that aren’t healthy.

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