In today’s times, when we are all pressured to look a certain way, a body image is incredibly important in determining self esteem, confidence and even ability to be successful in life and even personal relationships.

A negative body image is what is thought to be the underlying cause of eating disorders and other problems. Body image is what determines what we think of ourselves; our sense of self worth. Consider these statistics:

  • 42% of children between grade 1 and 3 want to be thinner
  • 80% of kids over age 10 are afraid of being fat
  • At any given time, 45% women and 25% men are on a diet
  • 80% women don’t like what they see in the mirror
  • Kids aged 9 and 10 go on a diet

So seeing how very important it is to have a positive body image, what are the things we can do to help a situation where a woman has difficultly being at all positive about the way she looks?

Accept that this is your own self body. If you think that you are overweight which may have repercussions in terms of your health check with a doctor. As long as you’re healthy there is no reason to dislike the body that carries you through life.

Accept that no one is perfect: Some of the thinnest models have cellulite; some have really unattractive lack of muscle tone. Many celeb pictures are photo-shopped to cut out the imperfections. So if you have imperfections, so does everyone else; bar none!

If you want to make changes, be realistic: Those aspects of your appearance that you can realistically hope to change, you should certainly make a bid for.

Certainly if you are unfit you must try your best to get fit. However, if you are tall or short, there is nothing you can do about it so learn to accept that and love yourself for your uniqueness.

Give yourself a complement each day: Learn to count your blessings rather than your perceived faults. Look at yourself in the mirror each day and identify one attractive thing that you like about yourself. Then the next day, identify something that your child loves about you.

The third day, think about the reasons why your partner loves you and then complement yourself. Then next day think of the complement a friend paid you and concentrate on that positive aspect of yourself.

Remember this is the body you were given, keep it as fit and healthy as you can and love it as best you can for a healthy and rewarding life.