Because age creeps up on us, as do the pounds, or simply because our genes determine that it should be so, many of us have a double chin to deal with; not the most attractive of facial characteristics! However, with some of these little tips and tricks, you can minimize the appearance of a double chin.

Make up

Double ChinClever make up that highlights the cheek bones and emphasizes the eyes will draw attention away from the neck and the chin and play down the jowls.

Mascara and eyeliner, and a subtle eye shadow will ensure that eyes are drawn to the peepers and well applied blush will create definition in the cheeks.

Hair style

Some hair styles will draw attention to the neck and chin while others help to conceal some of those flaws. Some experts recommend that keeping it short at the jaw line or a little above helps diminish the double chin.

Neck line

A deeper neckline is more flattering for women with double chins, whereas a turtle neck or a roll neck will give you that neck-less appearance.

So make sure that the neckline of what you wear is large – round, square, sweetheart or V shaped, they will help to elongate the neck and make the double chin less evident.

Also, when it comes to jewelry, use longer pieces, rather than close fitting items like chokers and so on.

Facial exercise

Exercises that stretch and workout the facial muscles can help tone and tighten the skin and underlying tissue, so that there is less loose or sagging skin in that area.


You can do this each time you wash or moisturize your face – clean or moisturize using the tips on your fingers to apply gentle pressure in circular motions, and use upward strokes for the neck and chin area.