This article is a timely reminder about how pernicious stress can be, in particular for women, who are expected to juggle so much in their lives.

reduce stressStretched to breaking point trying to balance their home and professional lives, stress is a natural outcome which can result in host of health problems. Here are some tips for women to avoid stress:

  • Take time out for yourself and try to do the things that you enjoy doing, being with friends, reading, working out etc.
  • Take relaxing baths.
  • Get a massage not just to pamper yourself but also to work out the kinks and physical stress in the muscles.
  • Write a diary, journal or blog, this helps express feelings and brings about feelings of lightness, relief and even mental purging in a sense.
  • Get regular exercise – this will not only make one feel better it also releases beneficial hormones.
  • Nap when possible – this reduces sleep deficit and lowers stress.
  • Dance – it will make you feel happier.
  • Listen to music.
  • Engage in or learn a new spiritual activity.
  • And if you find you need help don’t hesitate to get it.


  1. I stress a lot so wnow with the help of this article i can try and keep stress out of my life… Nice article

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