No one is denying that smoking is really difficult to quit; it is about more than just psyching yourself to quit something that one develops a physical dependence to.

There is no shame in admitting that it is the sort of addiction that requires help, nor should you be hesitant in seeking that help, which is at hand, in many forms:

Nicotine Patches, gum, lozenges, sprays:  Since smokers form a physical dependence on nicotine that cigarettes contain, getting the nicotine into one’s system through some other means can often help for a person trying to quit smoking.woman smoking

The nicotine patch is something that you apply onto your skin which delivers through your skin, a measure of nicotine into your symptoms to that you feel fewer withdrawal symptoms. It is advised that one should start using a patch a couple of weeks before actually giving up smoking.

The nicotine lozenges and chewing gum perform a similar function and have varied results of success.  Similarly nicotine nasal sprays have also met with varying degree of success to help a person recover from nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Alternative or Herbal Therapies: Hypnotherapy is used to modify a lot of different behaviors and even emotional dysfunction and therapists have had a high degree of success in helping people quit smoking through this method.

There are several ‘herbal remedies’ out there that help you quit smoking; CigArrest and Rx-Hale are some of the brands that claim to be safe and effective aids to help you quit. Acupuncture is also seen to be very effective for many people who are looking to quit.

Laser therapy: This therapy to help quit smoking basically relies on the tenets of acupuncture and uses the acupuncture points to apply the laser to. In theory this is supposed to produce endorphins which help to reduce cravings.

Many claim that just one session of laser therapy has been enough to help them, whereas the efficacy of this is still disputed by others. The benefit is that you don’t need nicotine or drug replacement.

Shots/Injections: There are shots or injections that one can take to reduce help one to quit and many claim that this method has a high rate of success.

So make the decision, set yourself a date, pick the right method for you, seek the help you need and then go ahead and kick the habit! Don’t forget to reward yourself with something you really enjoy when you do manage to quit.