It is a legitimate claim that smoking is even more dangerous for women than for men, and there are so many reasons to give up smoking that one may likely be straining every sinew to kick the habit.

One of the many ways to quit smoking is to mentally psyche yourself into quitting smoking.

If you can just start to perceive smoking in a different way, perhaps stress on factors other than health if you find those more persuasive, you may have more success in trying to give up the habit of smoking:smoking woman

It just isn’t cool anymore: Sure in the old films you have the uber cool, suave leading man with the sexy drawl and the inevitable cigarette dangling from the lips; the mysterious and glamorous lady would inevitably be clutching a fashionable cigarette holder; but smoking just isn’t cool anymore.

Smoking is now associated with the down and out; it’s the losers that smoke really! People look at you with distaste when you light up, probably inch away from you as though had something nasty and contagious!

‘Smoking Sections’ Aren’t cool either: If you want to be a smoker you are pretty much ostracized from society now: the smoking sections in a restaurant (if you can find any of them) are the dinghy corner without a view, officers ban them, public places ban them, most airlines are now non smoking. And huddling for a smoke in the few places that does not frown on smoking is, say it with us, NOT COOL.

Did you ever hear about Smoker’s Face? Smoking ages you far quicker than you would otherwise. Wiki describes Smoker’s face as the characteristic changes that happen to the faces of many people who smoke.

Smoking can discolor your skin and have the wrinkles show up faster. And think of what the nicotine is doing to your teeth, rather than flashing those pearly whites you’re trying to hide the yellow/brown stains!

No one except the tobacco companies wants you to smoke: The government wants to discourage smoking so they put a big tax on it, and made smoking really expensive.

That really should be an incentive to give up smoking? Think of all the nice things you can buy yourself if you kick the habit.

And why on earth would you willingly enrich the coffers of a big bad corporation that feeds only on people’s addictions and leads them to diseases that could turn unimaginably horrible!


  1. My friend has an habit of smoking and she can’t give up smoking .i think these tips can help her to effectively deal with the problem of smoking so that she remain healthy,hale and hearty.Thanks for sharing…..

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