Your emotional health has more bearing on your physical health and more far reaching consequence than you may think. So maintaining good emotional health is of paramount importance and here are some tips to keep in mind –

1. Increase Social Interaction

Be with people you like and increase social interaction. Good friends offer social support, and bolster you emotionally. Social interaction keeps you mentally more alert and able.

Emotional Health

2. Take out ‘me’ time

Solitude or time when you have to please no one but yourself is as important as keeping the company of people you like.

3. Accept Change

Change, they say is the only constant in life, and accepting and coming to terms with change; such as the end of a relationship, a life circumstance such as menopause can help you move on enjoy better mental health.

4. Channel Anger

Channel anger and frustration productively. Rather than fight or yell, learn to channel your anger into more positive areas – go for a run, punch a punching bag, do some spring cleaning.

5. Don’t feel Guilt

Do things that you enjoy and don’t feel guilty about it. You owe it to yourself to be good to yourself and there is no reason to feel guilty about this.

6. Challenge Yourself

Leave your comfort zone and challenge yourself. This can mean personal growth and an enhancement of what you are, as well as trying to tap all of your hidden potential.

7. Take Responsibility

If you are at fault, have the honesty and the emotional maturity to own up to what you have done and take responsibility for action or inaction. This increases your sense of self worth and also earns you the respect of others.

8. Distance Yourself

Identify and distance yourself from those that drain you of your emotional reserves and resources. Those that expect you to help all the time, the ones that want you to listen to their problems all of the time are all impinging upon you; making you expend emotional reserves you can ill afford.

9. Disengage from Technology

If you dare, turn off your cell phone for a while. On a holiday, resolve not to look at your laptop as much. Instead seek the soothing environs of the outdoors and engage with nature on a fundamental level.

10. Admit that You Need Help

Even those of us who are superwomen cannot go it alone; we need support, loving care, emotional bolstering. Don’t try and do it all on your own, even if you feel you have a handle on it.


  1. The main factors to increase emotional health are to become aware of our emotions, choose to stay present with them in our bodies, and allow them the space to transform on their own without us doing anything to force them to change.

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