Sometimes vaginal odor is caused by a disease or infection and controlling that underlying cause will obviously solve the problem of vaginal odor.

If sweat or poor hygiene are causing vaginal odor, then perhaps what may be required is more frequent washing of the area.

Sometimes it may be the sweat that is causing odor and it can help to shave the area. This helps keep better hygiene and reduce sweating thereby also reducing vaginal odor.cranberry juice

Sometimes it may be smelly urine that is causing vaginal odor. By increasing intake of water and other fluids like barley water, cranberry juice, pineapple juice etc., the smell can be controlled to a large extent. Certain strongly flavored foods or beverages could also be causing the odor and cutting down on those may also help.

Some items such as baby wipes can help. They can easily be carried around and are good deodorants. Baby oil or creams are also known to help.

Another thing that can really help with reducing vaginal odor is talcum. It keeps the area dry and the fragrance in it can act as a deodorant.

So while eliminating the reasons that may be causing vaginal odor, you can use these tips to control it.