If you are someone who is soon going to see the gynecologist then it is natural for you to be scared, anxious and nervous. There are many things that may be going on in your mind. You may be feeling shy about opening up to your doctor and at the same time you may be scared of what you might find after the visit.

But it is best to be calm and composed on your first visit and there after because visiting the gynecologist is a process which all women go through. The following are the best tips and suggestions to prepare for your first gynecologist visit:

tips to prepare for your first gynecologist visit

Reach Early to Avoid Waiting

Waiting in anticipation can really make you more nervous and thus to avoid it, book an early appointment and reach early so that you don’t have to wait in queue. Waiting is never fun and especially not when you are waiting outside the doctor’s office.  If you have to wait, then make sure you keep yourself engaged by either reading a light book or magazine, listening to calm music or playing a fun game on your phone.

Be Informed

The best way to prepare for your first gynecologist visit is to be informed about what really happens during this visit and also keep your questions ready. Read information about your body or first gynecologist visits on the internet or in trusted books as this will bring down your level of worry to some extent.

You Don’t Need to Worry about Being too Clean

A lot of women spend a great deal of time grooming themselves before the gynecologist visit. There is no need of too much cleaning or grooming since douching can negatively affect your exam and there is no need to be embarrassed anyhow. The douche can wash away cells that your gyno needs to examine. Just take a usual shower and avoid putting powder on the genital area.  There is also no need for waxing.

Prepare a List of Questions

You can be totally open and honest with your gynecologist and thus, you can prepare a list of doubts or questions for your first visit. Do not hesitate to ask anything, even if your questions are trivial. If you have a list of questions prepared, you won’t need time to think when you are at the doctor’s clinic.

Think of the Gynecologist as your Friend

If you consider the gynecologist as a doctor and someone distant, then you won’t be able to feel comfortable and at ease with him/her. This is why, it is important to consider him/her as your friend. Erase all fears from your mind and make sure you do not hold back from asking or telling anything.

Make a list of medical issues or problems you may have-before visiting the gynecologist it is important that you have a list of issues or problems that you may be facing prepared with you.