Resistance training which is commonly known as weight training has many benefits, not just for men but also for women.  This form of exercising or training is especially considered very beneficial for women over the age of 40.

A lot of women prefer spending time in the gym on cardiovascular exercises but less time doing resistance exercises because this is a comparatively less explored area for females. But once one is engaged in it, he/she will begin to notice the many positive changes in the health and fitness levels. The following are some of the main benefits of resistance training for women:

various benefits of resistance training for womenLoss in Body Fat

One of the biggest and most important benefits of resistance training for women is that it helps to lose body fat. This happens because as the lean muscles increase, one tends to burn more calories throughout the day and one thus tends to lose body fat.

Gaining Strength without Bulk

By engaging in resistance training, women tend to gain a lot of strength which is another benefit of this form of training.  As compared to men, women don’t gain size from strength training because females have less of the hormones which can lead to muscle hypertrophy. Thus a woman develops definition and muscle tone from resistance training.

Decrease in the Risk of Osteoporosis

Another benefit of resistance training for women is that it can decrease the risk of osteoporosis.  Weight training leads to increase in the spinal bone mineral density and when this is done along with talking sufficient dietary calcium then it can protect a woman from osteoporosis.

Improvement in Athletic Performance

A lot of research has proved that strength or resistance training can improve the athletic ability in women.  This is especially very beneficial for those involved in sports like cycling, golfing and skiing etc.  The training can improve the overall performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Physical Strength

Resistance training can also cause an overall increase in the physical strength and this can be considered as another benefit. Females who are involved in resistance training on a regular basis will find it difficult to do many daily chores like lifting weight, kids, laundry etc.  If the strength is increased, then the routine exercises and daily tasks will seem a lot easier.

Reduction in Risk of Arthritis, Injury and Back Pain

Resistance training not only helps a woman in building stronger muscles but also increases the stability of the joints and makes the connective tissues stronger. It reduces the overall risk of injury, back pain and also of arthritis.

Reduction in Risk of Heart Disease

Another important benefit of resistance training is that it helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. It improves the overall cardiovascular health and lowers the bad cholesterol levels as well. This helps to protect the heart from several heart diseases and problems.

Reduction in Risk of Diabetes

Resistance training can also reduce the risk of diabetes because is improves the way the body processes sugar.