Now there is nothing that adds glamor to an outfit the way that high heels do; not only do they make you appear taller; they can also make your legs look longer and slimmer.

So certainly there are plenty of reasons why women cannot seem to do without them, but also there are some problems that they can cause which women would do well to be aware of:

high heelHigh heels can be bad for your back and the posture as well as your knees.

The reason is the position that the foot has to be in when walking in high heels. The foot has to be pointing downwards at all times which causes the calf muscle to shorten.

Walking in high heels can lead to excessive mobility of the knee and it is also thought increase risk of injury.  Since the knee is affected by wearing high heels, it can also affect other leg joints such as the ankle and the hip joints.

Wearing high heels alters your posture, bringing more pressure on your back and can thus also leads to back troubles.

So wear high heels by all means but don’t wear them when you have to walk too much; don’t wear stilettos if possible, do appropriate stretches for your calf muscles regularly.