It is all very well to say that the important thing is to have an effective fitness program and diet regulation to achieve weight loss, fitness or good health, but there is another important factor – the feel good factor which is largely contributed to by what you wear for a workout.

fitness fashion
How comfortable it is, how well it fits and how good do you look and feel in it, are all important considerations, so fitness fashion is an important factor.

In particular women who start out an exercise program; typically with a number of extra pounds, can feel uncomfortable and self conscious if their workout gear is not right for them. This can rob one of the enthusiasm and the motivation to start and stick to a program.

Often it is difficult to find things in a size big enough to fit, because the fitness fashion industry seems to manufacture only for people up to size 12 when the average woman is a size 14. So finding good quality clothing that feels and looks good and also moves in tandem with the exercise program can be difficult to find.

So ideally, to get the best out of your exercise program and even improve motivation and self esteem, look for clothes that are stylish, but at the same time fit properly, are comfortable and practical.