The importance of a positive body image is almost self evident; it is something that offers feelings of higher self esteem, can help us have more fulfilling interpersonal relationships and can help us to lead happier lives in general. And now research is showing us that a positive self image is good even in helping with weight loss itself!

A positive self image is important not only in helping you lose weight but it also helps those that want to give up smoking.

A lot of college-age women report smoking to keep their weight down and for body image reasons, and it is thought that by providing them with the tools to make them feel better about themselves, some of those stressors are alleviated, feel researchers.Positive Body Image

Dialogue and support that help bolster self confidence as well as help instill a better sense of self worth, can help in creating a positive body image.

These will in consequence be more effective and useful in instilling a better self control and therefore can help in keeping off the weight[weight loss plan] and help in getting smoke free.

One of the most important goals that one needs to have in life is central to happiness and well being: good health and a positive self image!