The G string is the stuff of male fantasies; the exposed female butt clad in nothing except what some people call butt floss is something that is titillating not only for the viewer but also the wearer.

Then for purely practical reasons such as when you want to wear certain tight fitting clothes, (think white lycra pants or the form fitting little black dress) under which visible panty lines will simply not do, G strings become almost necessary.

For many reasons g strings when worn constantly and over long periods, may not be good for health :g string

  • For one in many women just find them uncomfortable and find the feeling akin to being sawed slowly in half by a piece of twine as one woman creatively put it. Some women find them comfortable and find that g strings are a matter of getting used to: once you get used to them you won’t even notice them etc., while other women find them actually painful!
  • G Strings, according to some doctors are responsible for genital inflammation because of the friction that the stings has with the genital area. It has been seen among women with sensitive skin that these kinds of panties, particularly those which are too tight or are made with badly stitched material could actually abrade and injure the skin. So perhaps the concept of being sawed in half by twine is not such a farfetched one after all?
  • Long term use of g strings, one gynecologist found, could aid and abet the development of yeast and vaginal infections and some venereal diseases as well. This may be caused by the bacterial balance of the vaginal area going out of whack and may actually promote growth of yeast. Also one view holds that the contact of the g string with the anal sphincter and the same piece of material being connected to the vaginal area may promote the transfer of fecal bacteria to the vaginal area, thereby causing infection.
  • There are even statistics that indicate that being in an accident or having a fall while wearing a g string could actually increase the chances of sustaining an injury in the genital area.

So much you eschew the little bits of nothing in your underwear drawer? Not quite; but you can limit use of them and make sure that you use natural materials such as cotton and silk rather than manmade ones or synthetic ones such as nylon etc.