Many women look upon tampons as a liberator of modern times, but in fact tampons, have been around since the times of the ancient Egyptians, was rudimentary device made from absorbent papyrus.

In its modern avatar the tampon is a tube like device that is inserted fully into the vaginal cavity where it absorbs menstrual blood as the uterine lining is shed every month. The chief plusses of tampon use are:tampon

Privacy: Since the device is inserted into the vaginal cavity it cannot be seen from the outside, save the sting and it offers a woman greater privacy since this form of menstrual protection is less detectible than pads. Even the tightest of pants will not reveal the presence of a tampon.

Freedom: Women can continue to play vigorous sport and even continue swimming throughout the days of menstruation, when using a tampon. One also does not have to remove a tampon when one has to go to the bathroom, save to pull the string out of the way.

No menstrual odor: Menstrual blood is unpleasant smelling and it smells only when it comes into contact with outside air. When using a tampon, this doesn’t happen so there is no menstrual odor.