Women who use tampons will swear by them, however there are certain risks/cons associated with tampon use, that women should know about:

  • Tampons can be a little unnerving for women who are using them for the first time. The fact that they go inside can be a little unsettling. You need to become used to the insertion and the feeling of the tampon inside to begin with which may feel strange until one gets used to it. Some women need to squat to insert them properly.
  • There is the minor inconvenience of keeping the string out of the way when using the bathroom.Tampons
  • One should remember to remove and change tampons every 4 to 8 hours; there is a very rare condition associated with tampon use to be avoided; that is Toxic Shock Syndrome.
  • There is use of pesticides and chlorine (for bleaching) in the manufacture of tampons, which is a concern. However, there are available tampons on the market that use none of the harmful chemicals that are cause for concern.
  • You may require wearing a panty liner if there is the fear of the tampon being inadequate.

You cannot tell if you soked your tampon the way you can by looking at the pad