Bones are vital to your health as it gives structure to your body and also protects the internal organs. Bones are the store house of calcium and it is really very important that your bones are healthy and strong. Your bone mass is at the peak when you are at the age of 30. Till that age your bones are changing rapidly through the process of old bones breaking down and new bones being generated.

take good care of your bones


In this way the bone mass also increases. Once you are above 30, although bone restructuring continues, you tend to lose more bone mass. This in the long run leads towards weak and brittle bone, a condition known as osteoporosis. If you have gained a good bone mass till the age of 30, you are lucky enough and would continue to have a healthy bone in the future. But very few are really lucky as osteoporosis is very common among women.

Women are More Prone to Bone Diseases

There are many reasons why women are more prone to osteoporosis or bone diseases than males. To point out, few of them are:

  • The structure of the bones in woman is different from man. The bones in woman are smaller as well as thinner when compared to the man.
  • The estrogens’ level in woman decreases at an alarming rate as you reach menopause. The estrogens’ is a hormone that protects the bone and its reduction leads to bone loss. Once a woman reaches the menopause, the risk of osteoporosis also increases.

Although women are prone to the bone loss with growing age, it can be taken care of. You can detect, prevent and even treat the disease by following a good lifestyle habits. You can take care of your bone irrespective of your age. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the chance of osteoporosis.

Steps to Improve Your Bones

If you start to take care of your bones at an early stage, you are sure to enjoy your life for a long time. You can be free of pain that results due to bone diseases and lead a blissful life. To do so, you have to take the charge of your bone and if you are a woman, you do not have any option but to follow the following preventive and controlling measures.

  • Make Exercise a part of your daily routine: To maintain strong bones, you must indulge in regular weight-bearing exercises. Jogging, brisk walking, hiking, stair climbing gives you strong bone mass which keeps you away from bone diseases with growing age.
  • Consume healthy nutrients: You must consume sufficient calcium, protein and Vitamin as they are very essential for healthy bones. Have enough amounts of dairy foods and green vegetables. Canned fishes are also rich in Vitamin D. Expose yourself to enough sunlight to get the sufficient Vitamin D.
  • Take care of lifestyle: Throw away all negativity like smoking, drinking and other factors to lead a healthy life.
  • Take Supplements if prescribed: If your doctor has prescribed calcium and vitamin D supplement, make sure that you never skip them.

Bones are in true sense our support system. So keep it strong and healthy.