Among the many, many awful things that smoking can do to you and your body, one is the damage it can do to your skin – Smoker’s Face is a medically recognized term that is used by doctors to describe the typical changes that happen to the faces of many people who smoke.

smokers faceHowever the good news is that the damage that smoking does to your skin is not irreparable – by quitting smoking, you can help your skin repair itself.

With smoking a simple logic applies – the longer you leave off quitting, the more damage you do to your skin and the more irreversible is that damage!

The toxic chemicals contained in the cigarette smoke – carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, cyanide, tar and so on prevent nutrients from reaching the skin, which are then diverted to other parts of the body as the entire system is put under stress.

Blood supply to the skin and hence oxygen supply is also compromised causing dry, flaky skin, which is prone to problems. Collagen production is also negatively impacted, leading to premature wrinkles.