No one can deny the importance of wearing a right type and right size of bra. The bra besides providing support to your breast also keeps them healthy and in correct shape. An incorrect bra will not only look bad but will also cause various health issues like neck pain, headache, stress on bones and muscles.

There are various types of bras available like sports bra, under wire bra, maternity bra, mastectomy bra, full cup bra, minimiser bra, padded bra, push up bra and others among which you can select the one as per your choice and requirements.

pros and cons of sports bra

About Sports Bra

As the name suggests, a sports bra is specially designed to provide support to the breasts during various physical activities like jogging, yoga, running, playing games and others. These types of bra come in different varieties so as to suit the type of activity. These bras provide proper support to the breasts during activities and also restrict the bounce. Majority of these bras are made of breathable material so as to reduce the sweating during activity. A sports bra generally has wide straps and provides full cup coverage.

Tips while Buying Sports Bra

There are variety of sports bra available in the market and if you are planning to buy one the below given tips will surely be of great use to you.

  • Do the bounce test by jumping up and down in the trail room before buying a sports bra.
  • Also test stretching before buying the bra.
  • Check the bra thoroughly so that it does not have anything which might irritate you or cause discomfort.
  • Also check the material of the bra if it is able to draw sweat from your body.

Pros Associated with Sports Bra

Sports bra is definitely an essential requirement for all those who are engaged in physical activities. Various positives associated with it are mentioned below:

  • A sports bra provides right support to your breasts during activities and thus prevents it from sagging.
  • These types of bras are specially designed so as to restrict the bounce and the movement caused due to the activity.
  • A special type of material is used for making these bras which lets your skin breathe and also draw away the sweat.
  • These bras provide complete coverage to your breasts so that you can concentrate on your activity without any hesitation.
  • Wearing sports bra prevents breaking down of the ligaments that can lead to permanent sagging and it also prevents the breast tissue damage.
  • These bras are very comfortable to wear.

Cons Associated with Sports Bra

Besides various pros, there are also few cons associated with sports bra as mentioned below:

  • There is large number of women across the globe who wears wrong size and type of bra which can actually do more of harm. A tight fitted sport bra will not only put stress on your breasts but will also not allow it to breathe during activity.
  • The sports bra with underwire may cause bruises or sores if worn for long period of time.
  • Wearing these types of bras for long period of time can also lead to “uni-boob” situation where breasts are pushed inwards.
  • These types of bras are not suitable for everyday wear or for the women who wish to add a size to their breasts.

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