It isn’t just that a smile will improve your face value; it can apparently even help you live longer, recent research suggests. And how can smiling help you live longer one may well ask?

Well it works like this: those that have a wider grin and deeper laughter lines are more likely to have a positive outlook on life and sunnier disposition. And those with more positive outlooks are also likely to live longer.

smileA study by research at Wayne University in Michigan came to this conclusion based on their evolution of 230 major league baseball player photographs.

These players whose information was printed in the 1952 baseball register were ranked in order of their laughter lines.

Some faces had no laughter lines, others had moderate amount of lines and wrinkles, and others had that typical toothy grin and a bunch of lines.

Then the researchers collated information about their life spans: the grim faced ones who didn’t smile all that much were seen to have an average life span of 72.9 years, whereas those that found much in life to smile about lived years longer; as many as 7 years longer!

Certainly reason enough to smile and celebrate life?

Source: Telegraph