We all know that it is a good idea to have healthy meals regularly and at somewhat fixed times during the day. Now, a new study has shown that skipping meals and short term fasting is actually not good for you and can be indirectly responsible for injuries.

Apparently fasting or skipping meals can alter the body’s sense of balance: researchers tested women who had been on a 12 hour fast overnight and asked them to do simple things like standing on one foot, and closing their eyes.

balancing on one legIt was found that the women, who had been fasting, were not able to balance on one leg when compared to the other women who had not been fasting.

They could also not do the ‘reach’ test as effectively. So clearly their sense of balance after fasting was seen to be altered and diminished significantly.

If one’s sense of balance is impaired, this can lead to injuries and falls. Fasting can even cause low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia in some cases.

Those that fast and keep hungry for long periods may even experience fatigue and feelings of tiredness, without having exerted. Dizziness can also occur in some cases. This is particularly seen among women more than in men.

Source: Lisa Barger