That beautifully burnished skin and the all year round tan may be desirable and you may think you look great, but skin care experts are saying that tanning salons and sun beds should be banned altogether!

tanning salonsFirst it was denying access to under 18s, now the medical workers in the United Kingdom want to see all non medical use of tanning salons, including home used sun beds to be discontinued altogether.

The argument against tanning beds being used for cosmetic purposes is that they are responsible to contributing to rising rates of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is most commonly found among those between the age of 15 and 34, and claims over two thousand people each year in UK. The cancer risk is increased by as much as 75% when tanning beds are used, caution health workers.

Given all these cautionary statistics, one does in fact have to put the question to one self – we on the one hand use dark glasses with UV protection and high factor sunscreen to shield us from the sun’s harmful rays. And then on the other hand, we willfully subject ourselves to tanning salons and sun beds, which are nothing but UV exposure; all in the name of vanity and cosmetic enhancement. We do have to ask ourselves if it’s at all worth it.