Is your prickly scalp disturbing you? All are aware and understand on how one feels once the keen feeling remains on the scalp which further gets intensified throughout the day that a flaky scalp gives. One can evade this problematic with normal home-based medicines.

A scalp that is dry can be exasperating but it is not necessary for you to be with this trouble throughout your life. There are a lot of simple methods to cure a dry scalp that will aid you get free of the concern for sure. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about having.

There are numerous reasons that a dry, flaky scalp gives us. The foremost reasons of dry flaky scalp are usage of bad hair products. You can get rid from this by using good quality products. These white flakes because of the dry scalp can start appearing on head, ear or the back of the neck that looks very nasty. Dandruff and scalp psoriasis also the reason of flaking.

Simple Tips to Get Rid of Dry, Flaky Scalp

Many circumstances can cause an itchy scalp which could be from dandruff to ringworm and so before we study about the advices and cures that might help us remove dry scalp, it is significant to know the main reason of this issue.

What Causes Dry Scalp?

  • Continued use of bad product and chemical related shampoos which contains a lot of harsh content in them
  • Fungous infection
  • Over contact to water that is hard
  • Absence of nutrients because of the inappropriate diet
  • Exposure to dangerous weather conditions
  • Surplus use of fashioning products
  • Unfit beauty habits, absence of oiling of hair, and conditioning treatments

Below are some best tips for lessening flaky scalp check them out!

1. Tea tree shampoo

When you know that the flaky scalp is because of the fungal infection, tea tree oil medicine works finest as this important remedy is a strong and powerful anti fungal agent. It even unblocks the pores as well as it aids to control the ordinary oil production.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar acts as a astringent, it does washes the scalp from injurious bacteria and also stabilizes the pH of skin. Which then further renews the usual functioning of the oil glands and offer reprieve to your scalp that is dry.

3. Hot Oil

Hot oil usages for flaky scalp works miracles. Furthermost this hot oils are always obtainable at home hot oil does the job of hydrating and releasing the chipped, dry scalp. It has a conditioning effect as well as it aids in regaining the dampness content of your scalp.

4. Lemon or Apple juice

Lemon juice is very much useful as it works amazing it is like an astringent that controls the scalp’s ph. The juice also helps in getting rid of all the dandruff or ringworm type of a fungal infection.

On the other hand Apple juice comprises slight acids that helps in exfoliating the scalp to remove all the lifeless, dry, and peeling skin. It also bring back the pH to the scalps, hereafter balancing the small amount of oil production.

5. Yogurt and Egg

Yogurt purifies and cleanses the scalp thus by removing all the dry and lifeless skin. It also unblocks the pores and aids to restore the normal functioning of the oil glands. Egg, on the other hand, feeds the scalp and moisturizes your hair with its vitamins and protein content.

6. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise helps to condition your hair as it contains loads of oils and fats that further helps to condition the scalp as well as the overall hair. All spoilt hair can be successfully preserved with this ‘rich’ therapy.

7. Olive oil treatment

Use olive oil treatment to cure dry scalp. Simply dip your fingers into the oil and gently apply the olive oil to your scalp, by gentle round motions. Except the length of the hair cover the entire scalp. Rinse well with warm water, olive oil is like a conditioner to the scalp. Apply this conditioner starting 1 inch from the scalp and down to the ends.

8. Avoid shampoo

Use of shampoo must be avoided or used very less the reason is because many shampoos tend to dry out your hair if washed on a daily basis. If you use too much shampoo, you rise the probabilities that remainder will be left behind.

Using only shampoo is definitely not a good idea, you require to mix 2 or 3 tablespoon sugar with your shampoo and mildly move your fingers to your scalp.