We know that calcium is vital for maintaining strong bones and keeping conditions such as osteoporosis at bay.  Now, however calcium supplements may be associated with heart disease risk, according to a new study.

calcium supplementsThe study was published in the British Medical Journal, which opined that calcium supplements could increase heart attack risk by as much as 30% and in the event it may be prudent to review the recommendation for calcium supplements.

The report also termed the benefits of the calcium supplement as being “Modest”. There are other views however that say that calcium supplements can offer other protections – such as those against adenomas, or polyps in the colon. Excess calcium is also associated with other problems such as kidney stones.

So clearly there is some conflicting information available about the possible benefits and the advisability of taking calcium supplements and confusion as to the correct course may only be natural among women.

Here, it is important to consult with one’s doctor about the advisability for taking any calcium supplement, and not to start self medicating. In the case of calcium supplements, there is an optimal quantity or recommended dosage and certainly the adage of more the better does not apply here.


  1. This is a well presented and informative article. Thanks for sharing it with us. I agree with the author’s main contention that a person must not self medicate and should only take doctor’s recommended dosage of calcium supplements to avoid adverse effects on the consumer’s health later.

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