Most of us have so many responsibilities on our shoulders that we forget to look after ourselves. A pampering massage, a refreshing bath, a soak in the tub and many such things can a go a long way in de-stressing you and making you feel good about yourself and revitalizes you completely.

self care for a healthy livingWhy is it Needed for Physical Health?

Self care does not bring about any major improvements in your health like the way a healthy diet and exercise does but it can help in reduction of stress. Stress as we all know is responsible for a wide range of health conditions and hence by self pampering yourself, you can prevent chronic stress and feel relaxed. This is turn would keep you healthy from any kind of stress related damage.

How does it Affect Emotional Health?

Self care has a very positive effect on your emotional health and once, you start caring about yourself and manage time out for yourself from your daily busy schedule, you will understand your own worth and the fact that your own needs matter as much as others. Have a skin that glows and a body that is toned would make you feel good and confident and that would definitely improve your emotional health. All these would affect your mental wellbeing in a positive way.

At the end self care keeps your happy. People who are going through a bad phase in life due to a breakups or divorce would definitely feel better by spending few hours in the parlor or the spa.

People who do not take care of themselves, nurture low self esteem, resentment feelings and deep levels of unhappiness as they think about everyone apart from themselves and they base their life’s happiness on them. By learning to take care of yourself, you will learn to love yourself in a different way and since, you will be happy, you will be able to take care of others as well in a better way.

There are many ways by which you can manage your stress and at the same time take care of yourself and they are:

  • Soak yourself in warm tub of water or hire a masseuse to give a de-stressing massage and that would give you a much needed break that you will surely enjoy and make you feel relaxed and refreshed.
  • Meditation is another way of feeling good and refreshing your mind and soul. Spend some time alone with yourself and try and connect to your inner self by meditating. Stay away from all worries in your life at least for some time and do not let the problems affect your concentration.
  • Things like taking a long warm bath, massaging your hair with oil or conditioner, looking after your skin and nails and many such things would keep you happy and optimistic.

Apart from pampering yourself, having a balanced diet, regular exercise and regular sleeping pattern should be made an integral part of your self-care routine.