Sarah Michelle Gellar has become known as Buffy, the vampire hunter. Back then when she had been working on the series, she was working for 16 hours a day, and often she worked in the weekends as well.

Now she has a 2 year old daughter, a husband, and although she decided to return to the sets, she has a new attitude now. She learned to take her work less seriously. According to her she made some changes regarding her priorities.

Enjoying the job

Sarah Michelle Gellar

She started working on the series when she was 18, and she had bad working hours. Now she stopped working in the weekends, and she doesn’t allow her work to define her. She loves what she does, but there is no burning pressure anymore. Since there is no pressure, she gets to enjoy her job even more.

Eating cake

Now that she has a daughter, she has a lot more birthday parties to attend, and she allows herself to have some cake. Naturally she doesn’t have some at every party, but in case it is homemade or it looks appetizing, she allows herself to have some. Sarah doesn’t think that having some cake is something bad.

Workout routine

She works out when she wants, how she wants and what she wants. Still she thinks that it is important, but she doesn’t do it five days a week. When she is working out, she is using the treadmill and she does Pilates. Although she says that she’s not in the best shape now, she is still happy. She understands that it is alright to feel tired, but still feels happy when she manages to wake up early to work out.

No scale

According to Sarah Michelle Gellar, people can’t live their life stepping on the scale every day. Even more, she doesn’t really believe in it, because the weight fluctuates according to different factors. She doesn’t have a scale in her home, and she believes more in the way that the clothes fit. According to her people can’t enjoy life if they don’t eat the things they like because of the scale or the mirror.

Time for herself and her marriage

Sarah loves her daughter very much and tries to spend as much time with her as possible. She also finds it important to have some time for herself, to take a bath, to read something or to spend time with Freddie.