A rash on vagina of a woman can be not only a difficult and uncomfortable symptom to have to deal with but it can also indicate an underlying problem that could need prompt treatment. There is also the apprehension that if the vaginal rash is due to an infectious condition, the infection could spread to sexual partner.

Symptoms of rash on vagina

The rash could be a series of raised flesh or bumps that can be felt to the touch but do not show any skin discoloration etc. Other types of vaginal rashes could include sores, blisters, and the skin could be reddened and inflamed looking. Some rashes are actually lesions or warts and may be symptom of a common sexually transmitted disease.

Rash on VaginaThe rash could extend around the vagina, the vulva as well as the anus, buttocks and thighs in some cases. While one type of rash on vagina may be in the form of painful red clusters of blisters, another may be painless a sore.

Yet others may take the form of warts and others may be flesh colored bumps with a central white plug of material clogging it.

The rashes will vary as per the underlying cause. Other symptoms may offer insight about the cause of the rash: for instance other symptoms such as vaginal discharge that is of an unusual consistency or foul smell, pain, itching, tenderness and/or vaginal bleeding could be symptoms that may help to isolate the cause of the rash.

Causes of rash on vagina

In some cases the vaginal rash could have innocuous causes such as an allergic reaction to certain fabrics (particularly artificial one such as nylon etc), personal hygiene items (sanitary towels that are left on too long), detergents, deodorants and so on.

Sometimes pubic lice could be the cause of the rash in and around the vagina. Skin conditions such as scabies can also produce rashes along with itching and scabs. If the rash is in the form of a single painless sore then it could be due to the sexually transmitted infection syphilis.

If it is a painful red blistering kind of rash which is itchy as well, it could be due to genital herpes. If the rash is in the form of genital warts, this could be due to an HPV infection.

Treatment for rash on vagina

Many cases of vaginal rash could be resolved by making some changes in personal use products and perhaps using better hygiene. Regularly and frequently changing sanitary towels, wearing natural breathable fabrics, not using very tight clothing, and keeping perfumes and other chemicals away from the genital area can help.

Rashes caused by lice or scabies can be treated by using topical medication; either prescription or over the counter.

However when it is infections conditions that are causing the rash on vagina, treatment should be taken promptly. Not only are sexually transmitted infections something that can be spread around they can themselves cause a lot of complications that may be further inimical to health and wellbeing.