Are you suffering with vaginal problems? Most of the women experience some sort of minor vaginal problems from time to time.

These vaginal problems can be any thing from normal menstruation cycle changes to changes during pregnancy.

Any abnormal change in your normal vaginal discharge is your first sign of vaginal problems.

Certain abnormal changes in urination such as frequent urge to urinate or frequent urination, burning sensation during urination are some of the most important signs of vaginal problems.

Abnormal vaginal conditions significantly affect your reproductive and sexual health.vaginal problems

So, if at all you feel any sort of abnormal vaginal discharge, immediately consult your personal physician or experienced gynecologist to get better treatment.

As we all know prevention is better than cure, you can also take certain preventive measures to avoid various vaginal problems. Here are certain recommended ways to reduce your vaginal risks.

  • Cotton is the best fabric that suits to all types of skin. Always try to wear cotton panties. Cotton panties mainly allow your genital area to breathe fresh air and always help you keep your vaginal areas dry. So, it is always a best option to wear cotton panties during day time. But, try to avoid them at night, while you sleep.
  • If you are confirmed with any sort of vaginal infections or if you notice any signs of vaginal infections, it is always preferred not to have sexual intercourse during your treatment for vaginal infections.
  • Include raw vegetables, fiber content foods, anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. These foods not only help you to prevent various vaginal yeast infections, but they also help you to maintain better health.
  • Prevent your vaginal areas from contact with specific products such as deodorant soaps, lotions, feminine hygiene products that can cause irritation to your vaginal organs. Be careful when you are allergic to chemicals and avoid using chemically strong creams and lotions at genital areas.
  • When you feel any kind of vaginal irritation or itching, don’t scratch. Try to use soft cotton cloth and water to get better relief. This can help you to avoid the spread of infection to other vaginal organs.
  • Don’t use petroleum jelly or perfumed oils for vaginal lubrication. This can help you to avoid breeding of bacteria in and around your vaginal areas.
  • Maintain proper hygiene during your regular menstrual cycles. Avoid using scented sanitary pads during periods and always keep your vaginal region clean and dry.

Apart form employing these tips, maintaining good basic hygiene, drinking enough water, regular pelvic exams, well rounded nutrition and appropriate fluid intake is very essential for you to maintain better vaginal health.

Never try to implement your own self-treatment for any kind of abnormal health problems, including vaginal infections. Instead, it is always suggested to consider healthy precautions given by any experienced health expert to avoid vaginal problems.


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