All of us want to be happy, but some of us are unable to be happy and most others don’t work enough on being happy. Happiness is in your genes but all the same you can work on plenty of other factors to be a happier person than what your genes designed you to be.

Happiness comes from within; external factors can only give you short time bumps. You will be really happy only when the happiness flows from inside you.

Womens HealthHappiness will come from the fact that you can be happy always, anytime and any place and you don’t need external stimulants to be happy.

You are happy just being you.

Happiness is in our thoughts, the way we perceive people, incidents and things around us and how we react to them and more importantly how we perceive our selves and how we react to our own emotions.

Most of us are harshest critics giving ourselves no peace and so no happiness.

Each time you see achievements by others, personal or professional, be genuinely happy for them don’t feel sad for yourself that you are still to achieve it. Comparisons do no one good.

Don’t be a part of the rat race, jog along at your own pace and speed. Be thankful about all the small blessings in your life. You will be surprised at how much you have to thank for. Count your blessings everyday and feel content about what life has given you.

Associate with happy people you will feel happier, it is contagious. Be proud of your work. If you are not too happy about it, think of it in broader terms. Think of how you are contributing the society through your work.

Don’t look for reasons to be happy, just be happy. When you go about looking for reasons, you will soon run out of them and feel sadder than before. Be happy for yourself.