Women tend to ignore pain and carry on with their daily routines simply because they think they can’t afford to think about pain since there is too much to be done.

Most of the time the pain may be temporary due to sundry issues, but sometimes it could be the first sign of something more serious in the offing.

Here are a few pains a woman should never ignore.

Womens PainsA headache with cold could be the sinusitis acting up but severe headache that you can’t give a reason to could be something as serious as brain hemorrhage, brain aneurysm or tumor.

So if you are experiencing the headache of your life, do get it checked out to rule out anything serious.

Don’t ignore severe period cramps or pain. It could easily be due to endometriosis, misplaced endometrial tissue in fallopian tubes, ovaries or bowels.

This could lead to infertility.

Pain in breasts or painful lumps should not be ignored. You need to get yourself to a doctor at the earliest to rule out breast cancer.

Dull and unexplained pain in jaws, shoulder, chest, throat and arms could be the sign of a heart attack or pneumonia. Women rarely feel pain and discomfort in case of heart disease.

Arthritis could be the reason behind that constant pain in the back or between shoulder blades. Get it checked out at the earliest.

Severe abdominal pain could indicate a burst appendix or trouble with the pancreas, gall bladder, intestinal blockages or ulcers.

Swollen and painful calves could be the result of DVT or deep vein thrombosis a potentially fatal blood clotting issue.

Burning sensation in legs could be the first indication that you are suffering from diabetes.

Any combination of pain or swelling or both should not be ignored. Sometimes unexplained pain could be the result of depression.

If you are not able to medically explain a chronic pain and are unable to think effectively you need immediate help.