dentureStudies reveal that one of the first things people focus on when meeting someone for the first time is their mouth. People focus on the mouths as, when engaged in conversation, your eyes are naturally drawn to this part of the face.

For anyone with any dental issues, this can be highly disconcerting and lead to a serious knock in their confidence and ability to comfortably meet new people. Today however, more and more people are turning to dentistry and particularly dentures to restore their confidence and bring back a smile to their lives.

Now, before you immediately start thinking of the stereotypical dentures wearer, erase that image from your memory. Modern dentures have moved on in huge leaps from the days when your grandparents or even parents wore them. Today they are discrete and made from the latest materials fit comfortably to be completely indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Dentures come either as full dentures of partial dentures and are fitted by highly qualified dental technicians.  Dental technicians have a wealth of knowledge that combines both the best dentistry practice as well as high skill levels to craft the best fitting dentures. It is in this latter area that they truly excel, casting, moulding and fitting dentures that offer a seamless and comfortable fit.

Complete dentures are used where an individual has lost significant amount of teeth and the process starts with removing any remaining teeth. Post healing, the first stage is to get an accurate mould of your palate and gums to start creating the dentures. Partial dentures are designed to fit comfortably within your mouth alongside your existing teeth. The artistry of the dental technician again comes to the fore with partial dentures as matching the teeth colour perfectly again creates the perfect finish.