Most of us go through our periods discretely and do not bother to find out or figure out if the practices we follow during those 5 days are hygienic or not. There are many small things that we might be doing wrong or in an unhygienic way.

These practices not only make us prone to infections but also affect our health as a whole. It is a good idea to know about the hygiene practices like right disposal, proper usage etc. the following are the 7 menstrual hygiene tips which every female should follow:

menstrual hygiene tips which every female should follow1. Right Method of Sanitation

There are many ways of sanitation during periods and the most common ones include using a sanitary pad, using a tampon and using a menstrual cap. It is important to choose that method which is the most hygienic and least problematic.  Make sure that the pad or tampon you use belongs to a good brand and you are comfortable using it. If the brand is not reputed or reliable enough, you might experience leakage.

2. Change Regularly

There are many women and girls out there who go on through the day in the same sanitary pad. It is a good hygiene practice to change the pad regularly to avoid infections due to dampness.  The standard time to change the pad is once every 6 hours.

3. Wash yourself Regularly and Properly

It is important to wash yourself properly and regularly during your periods to avoid any bad odour, infection or contamination.  If you cannot wash yourself regularly, then you must atleast wipe every now and then.

4. Avoid using Soap to Clean the Vaginal Area

The vagina has its own cleaning mechanism which maintains a good balance or good and bad bacteria. Washing the area with soap may kill the good bacteria and cause infections.  So while it is important to wash regularly, avoid washing with soap and other vagina hygiene products.

5. Discard the Sanitary Product Properly

It is very important to discard your sanitary product like the tampon or pad properly to avoid spreading of infections as well as bad smell.  Wrap it well before discarding and avoid flushing it down the toilet. Also, wash your hands with a good antibacterial liquid hand wash after discarding the product.

6. Beware of a Pad Rash

A pad rash is a rash on the vaginal region and thighs caused due to the use of a sanitary pad during periods. It occurs when the pad has been wet for too long and it is important to avoid it. This can be done by trying to stay dry and by applying an antiseptic ointment before going to bed.

7. Have a Bath Regularly

Even if you wash or wipe yourself regularly, you must have a bath everyday not just during periods but also otherwise.  In a lot of cultures, people believe that a woman must not bath during her periods but one must avoid believing in these concepts to keep themselves hygienic and clean.