Deli meats can be convenient and tasty but they often get a bad rap because of the preservatives, fillers, sodium and nitrates that they are known to contain.

So here are some tips to help you make healthier choices while enjoying the convenience that deli meats provide.

  • Deli MeatsOpt for whole cuts rather than the processed meats which are high in salt and fillers. Pick pot roast, turkey and roasted ham rather than burger patties, salami and so on. The processed meats are also typically in a very uniform shape made so by additives.
  • Infections such as Salmonella and Listeria can cause doubts when it comes to deli meats, however there infections are rare, particularly for those who have normal and uncompromised immunity.
  • Pregnant women or others with lowered immunity can be doubly sure by cooking or heating the deli meat through before eating or storing.
  • Nitrates, particularly sodium nitrates found in deli meats, when combined with the body’s digestive fluids are known to become carcinogenic and so should be avoided.
  • If you crave pepperoni and baloney and pastrami and so on, however, make sure that you have it along with a lot of green veggies, which are known to largely negate the ill effects of the nitrates.
  • Add tomatoes, spinach, alfalfa and so on to your sandwich to make the deli meat a whole lot healthier.
  • Use low sodium meats and cheeses that are high on other flavoring – spices, herbs and peppers will add to the flavor so that you don’t really miss the salt. Also picking cheese such as Swiss cheese or mozzarella is a good idea since they are lower in fat and sodium.

Make healthy salad choices as well. If you are going to have veggies slathered in butter then you greatly lower their health giving properties, rather opt for steamed veggies or a raw salad.